awesome 21st

my 21st bday began in mid flight from Beijing to Hong Kong. We had a toast with free white wine and I had a screwdriver. ooh yeah. I spent the morning hours of my birthday in the air and got free drinks. Cheers to free drinks. cheers
put me at easy and right to sleep. When I woke, it was landing. I came back to a Hong Kong in the wake of Swine Flu. Which means extra paper work at the arrival gates. Where did you go in the past 7 days? Where are you coming from? Do you experience .. bla bla bla….

After sitting on the plane for nearly 6hrs, I was ready to get back into my bed and sleep. it took us 5+ hrs to fly from Beijing to HKG… our plane cannot fly due to bad weather. so we just sat there in our seats, located in the last row. sigh.

Got back to City U at around 3am and slept at 5am.
Woke up and it was time to get some fancy dress shirt for the Exchange Dinner.

Special thanks to my good friends Cathy, Daniel, Doris, and Karen for the intimate b-day celebration before dinner. You guys are the best. That cake was so rich & filling. mmmm.
The exchange dinner celebration was eventful. Got a chance to have steak & a second slice of cake…it was bad cake. but good steak. Got a chance to say good bye to all the people I’ve met. Hey look its SF people.
After the dinner it was off to LKF for a unforgettable night.

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