Day 38: Missing the little things:

I’m beginning to miss the little things from my life at home:

  • Haribo Gummy Bears: thanks Karen for bringing me a bag… but now I’m dry
  • Local News: yesterday, I went on and watched the 11am news streamed live. I never thought I would miss seeing SF news.
  • TIME: I’ve been picking up TIME magazine every time I eat at Homey Kitchen… Today, I read about Lincoln in the latest issue.
  • Cereal: I had a whole bowl with soy milk right before typing this. Still not the same with Soy milk instead of my usual Kirkland (Costco) milk.
  • Food Variety: Last time we wanted Mexican food so bad, we rode the MTR all the way to Central and looked for “Taco Loca,” one of 2 mexican rest in all of HK.  The food was okay, but nothing compares to the stuff I can get in SF.  We have all kinds of Asian Foods nearby: sushi, thai, vietnamese (noodles).  Still trying to find Phu, good pad thai, burmese, a good deli (even Subway sounds good). They just don’t call food by the way we are accustomed. Like pad thai would be pan fried noodles with shrimp. weak! Oh and I was excited to find a Turkish rest.. gonna try it soon.

So far so good. I’ve been able to find supplements.

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