Day 43: explore Sham Shui Po

Today I decided to wonder to Sham Shui Po district where I found great deals all around me. It was one giant flee market, from electronics to shoes they had everything you didn’t need but was tempted to browse. Although most of the booths offered similar goods.. I enjoyed passing time by aimlessly browsing. We wound up at the Dragon Centre, photos not allowed inside. Coolest part of the mall: they have a roller coaster on the top floor (along with an ice skating ring and shops shops shops.. but who cares). Too bad the roller coaster was closed. But our trip was not in vein, we had ice cream for only $10 HK.. like a $1.25 US…the best Green Tea ice cream. That lady was nice enough to let us sample. Reminded me of good ole Costco. One day I will be back, if not for the roller coaster.. for the ice cream.

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  1. Denise says:

    my cousins lives in sham shui po. and i remember the shopping center! we went iceskating there. and i remember there was an arcade and a rollercoaster at the top. looked scary. lol i also bought a mini MP3 player from that electronics street kinda by Sai Yerng Choi St., rite? haha! my dad’s going to HK on the 25th of this month and he’s not bring me! roommate’s leaving for HK on 17th of this month, so i’ll be lonely in the apartment. =(


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