Day 46 Hike #3 @ Tai Mo Shan (Mt.)

This hike was by far the most difficult. Hills in SF are nothing compared to parts of the trail. At one point it was all up hill. But getting down was equaully hard, we walked along side the road, as cars drove by…oh I wish I had a car (not really, still not use to the left side of the road). After a long 6hrs. of hiking, we road a light bus that carried only afew of us back to Tuan Wan, were we gorged on rice and meat.

Lesson Learned:

  • Bring a BIG bottle of water. Make that 2 BIG bottles.
  • Pack lunch, I can’t always rely on food stands in the middle of nowhere.
  • Bring a shirt, cuz it’s a cold walk down from the top.

Top (almost, the top was restricted)

Day 46 Tai Mo (sorta) Peak from Thomas on Vimeo.
Look at the sweat/dew on her.
Look at the sweat on this one.

How good looking is is?
Spectacular! Can you find a better view atop a HK Mt.

Tai Mo Shan, top-ish from Thomas on Vimeo.

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