Day 68: Sushi One dinner

Sushi always tastes better 1/2 price, especially good sushi at Sushi One (Plus). Second location i’ve been to and it has not let me down.  For $10 USD each, my friend and I had a lot of sushi. I felt like ordering a forklift so I can get home.
Tonight, we shared:

  • Salmon sushi (3 orders)
  • Black pepper salmon sushi (the best combo, black pepper+salmon!)
  • Avocado and Crab meat sushi (2 orders)
  • Softshell crab sushi
  • Dancing spider roll (softshell crab, with avocado and caviar)
  • Shrimp Tempura roll
  • California roll
  • Spicy California roll
  • Alaska roll
  • Tuna sushi
  • Surf crab sushi

Now that’s a deal. Can’t wait to try another Sushi One location. Remember, after 10pm is 1/2 price… i think even the drinks.

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