Day 76: Sushi w/ELMS + Kowloon Walled City Park

Finally, my English Language Mentoring Scheme (ELMS) buddies are free for a Sushi lunch. After a week of experiencing new found love of raw sushi, I was able to suggest one or two great tasting salmon sushi. I thought everything tasted really good. But my ELMS buddies definitively favored the mango sushi and salmon sushi. Then again, how can any sushi taste bad when the English Language Center is picking up the bill.

Kowloon Walled City park was really hard to find. Today was the my second attempt at finding the park.. the first time was more of a stroll around Lok Fu. The park has a rich history. It was once a towering catastrophe, small buildings built on top of eachother. Imagine if you stacked wooden blocks one on top of eachother. That was Walled City Park before it was leveled and a traditional Chinese tea garden is built.

ahhh.. that was GREAT SUHSI.. can you believe it.. the school pays for this...
this only fed 4... can you imagine if i brought all 6 of my ELMS mentees. meet 2 of my ELMS buddies experiencing sushi... needless to say.. they loved it.
ahh. almost.. there.. i can touch the edge.

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