Day 87: Spicy Foods

OOh after a great night out, sleeping in til 1pm was a real treat.

Lunch: 5 course meal for 2- chicken feet, spicy seafood coconut chicken soup (yum), thai fried rice (ahhh so good), spring rolls(drooling for more), & sago + mixed fruits.
Guess how much… $98 HKD for two. Which means its only $13USD. That was one of my favorite meals at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. The soup was alittle spicy for what I’m use to, but the seafood flavors was what kept me wanting more. I love fried rice and Thai Fried rice is always good.

Dinner: Spicy Noodle soup w/chicken + Dessert @ Hung Hom Station was another great spicy meal. That chicken lives up to its hype. It was so tender and the thick rice noodles (almost like udon, but smaller) was fresh and smooth with a slight bit to it. Perfect. Dessert was a real treat. I had Green Tea ice with soft red bean and ice cream on top. The taste reminded me Taiwanese green tea power, a rip that turned out to be.

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