Day 88: Best homemade meal

I love my aunt’s cooking. Today, my friends Karen, Cathay, and Dan came along for lunch at my Aunt’s place. The best dish was black pepper chicken with mushrooms. My dad would make mushroom dishes all the time.. cooked in an omelette, cooked with vege, cooked with any meats. Can’t go wrong with shrooms. Dan brought honey coated BBQ pork from this local market. It was extremely tasty. Makes you crave it tasty. Plus, my aunt made my favorite veges: Bok Choy dish + cauliflower and meat dish. OOh if only there was spinach… she mentioned making it next time i visit. I can’t wait.

My aunt is too generous: Gave us fruits and buns thinking we’re malnourished. She says, “Always have lots of fruits and never skip breakfast.” hence, the buns= breakfast.

oh my Aunt is too sweet.

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