Day 99: Hall 9 High Table dinner

A very auspicious day!

Today is the 99th day since we’ve started our stay in Hong Kong and it so happens that TONIGHT is Hall 9‘s banquet dinner. A celebration we’ve prepared for since Mary asked us to sign up (3 days ago). Tonight was a night for us to dress up and share the moment with friends over a nice bottle of wine. A night filled with laughter and cheesy smiles (throw up da Peace sign). It was a night to celebrate the friendships we have formed and memories we have made.

Everyone had something new and glamorous. Tonight was the first time I tried on my new suit, fresh from the tailor. It fit perfectly. The ladies were dressed to the 9‘s. From head to toe, the ladies immersed themselves in HK fashion. Have a look for yourself.
High Table Dinner

One course after another we chatted throughout the meal. Start us with a mixed salad with a side of smoked salmon and we begin to discuss our encounters with salmon. Like it or hate it… we have all seen it. From the Sushi One binges after 10pm to Norway’s food booth at the World’s Local Fest, we have learned to enjoy it or give it to Doris. Pass a basket of bread and it reminds me of my aunt’s baked buns I would pass out to friends. Take a sip of the creamy soup and Dan begins to discuss which way to spoon your soup. This coming from a guy who is a fan of soup and a guy who knows more random facts than you and your friends combined. Be around him enough and you will learn all the MTR pre-recorded announcements…random. If you’re still wondering about your soup, the spoon should scoop away from you so it doesn’t splatter at you. Cut into the chicken and our days at Garden Café gets thrown into the conversation. The rest, is where we get our fix for Western foods. We’ve been there so often, the cashier remembers our faces. Lastly, we chipped away at our chocolate fudge cake, alternating between sips of coffee. What can be better than sharing good memories over a good meal with friends.



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