Day16: Foodies’ delight


Disgusting pickled vegetables (big mistake) + pork + Udon (only good thing)

Day 16: Sodium Breakfast from Thomas on Vimeo.


Dim Sum at Dai Bot Fong

Day 16: Dim Sum (2x) from Thomas on Vimeo.


Sure aint Cinderella… maybe one of the stepsisters. This woman took an hr. nearly made the shoe guy shed tears…. saw it in his watery eyes.

Cinderella from hell from Thomas on Vimeo.

Hydration Break:

Waited in line for the best Milk tea thust far (the guy recognized me)… only my second time there.
Milk tea. waited so long for this.. literally a long wait along side HK school kids.


Milk pudding… hard to describe.


Way too full.
Just a simple ramen.

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  1. Katrina says:

    Haha i see letters! hehe way to represent pledge bro! haha and an hour isn’t so bad, you can’t get between a girl and her shoes thomas!!


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