Go Fish.

I went out and got me some gold fishes. I have quite afew for 30 HK $$$. Sadly, one fish has only one eye. =-(

Tank = 40

Fish= 30

Fish Food=30

Seeing Blinky my one eyed goldfish find food = Priceless

Somethings money can’t buy, for everything else there are friends with fat wallets.

Meet Blinky from Thomas on Vimeo.

Note: Goldfish can't blink

Note: Goldfish can't blink

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  1. Katrina says:

    haha the end of the video, “I wonder if fish see actually?” haha..poor little blinky, but it’s okay if nemo can have his grand adventure with a messed up fin then i’m sure your fishy will be fine =D


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