Grumpy me rants about HK Dislikes…

  1. Why so fast?  Everyone and their mother power walk like they have somewhere to go.. even the mothers to be speed walk like no other.
  2. They’re speed demons I tell ya. Cars here don’t drive at ur avg. 30mph and there is no pedestrian right of way… they’re the Boss. People must watch out for cars.  So if I die.. don’t be surprised if I was hit by a car. Luckily, the school made us buy an Intn’l Student ID card for $27…. what’s its benefit? the ID card provider will ship ur body back if you die. Yup, I’m living on the edge….(whisper) every time I cross the street.
  3. Anywhere no Crowded. Well it’s not just on the MTR, its everywhere. There’s so many people jammed into every little corner of the City.  If you’re looking for your personal bubble… look again.  But truth be told, you can avoid the crowds if you go for a nature walk… on one of the many paved trails…. con you believe it… paved.
  4. Just Do it. There are bilboards everywhere you look. They even have people set up allaborate bilboards, handing out flyers, along side the road and in subway stations.  As if the 100 ft. bilboard was enough.
  5. Mile long malls. You might think you entered a large mall. But nope, it’s just many mallls connected semlessly. You can go on and on from one Mall to another with out setting foot outside. Tip: Almost all the Malls are on mulitple levels so bring your walking shoes if you want to go shopping… shopping is trubly an excercise routen.. walking up, down, and across town.
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  1. Katrina says:

    maybe everyone does have somewhere important to be unlike us lazy people over here in sf! haha doesn’t sound like you’ve found too much to be grumpy about thomas! it’s not like you aren’t used to billboards and ignoring people trying to hand you flyers =P and the malls sound like the ones in the phillippines..except there the large oversized mall is just one mall with some extentions and if you drive over to the next neighborhood you are likely to find another huge mall too!


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