Here it is, Finally! Our new website.

It’s about time that we freshen things up.

This website has been a real struggle. After several aborted attempts to relaunch Thomas Made, I finally decided to sit down and gather all my work from the past few years and put it all together on one site. I’ve tried using other sites like or tumblr to showcase my work, but things didn’t feel right. I wanted to change every small detail from font size to how my responsive design will interact. I came back to WordPress. It’s the first CMS I fell in love with and the one I use with all my website designs.

The new website captures my work with the various campaigns I’ve been involved with in the past 3 years. I do have a bias towards the last campaign I worked on, as David Lee’s Campaign Manager. On that campaign, I worked tirelessly to put forth clean, simple, and engaging designs on Facebook and his website. I even started a countdown- 50 ways til election Day and 50 days to help, where I showcased what our volunteers are doing to get David elected. It was simply a labor of love– my passion for politics and design jammin’ together. I enjoyed exercising my creative muscles so much that I went home and designed conceptual print mail pieces and wrote a few draft emails. One late night after a long 13 hour day, I was inspired by my volunteers’ steadfast commitment to getting their 3-hour door-to-door canvass route done (unheard of.. most people return to HQ in an hour). I started to add up all the hours each and every one of our volunteers completed at our phone banks and door to door canvasses.The result was an infographic that showed off all of our amazing volunteers. To this day, this is my favorite piece of work.

Anyway, enjoy the new site. I’ve spent many night sorting and selecting my work.

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