Luv playing the Slots + Food, must be Macau

First time playing the slots at a Casino this weekend. Who knew it would be in Macau. I can’t deny it… i love the <10cents slots. The few times I won out weighed my countless losses. At the end of the day.. i walk away with a lighter pocket (loss $160 HK). But Macau has so much more to offer than just gambling. We ate, gambled, and ate some more... (Note, food is super cheap) In our 24hr. stay in Macau we started from a morning buffet breakfast (complete with custom omelet + ur usual suspects: scrambled eggs, hash brown, ham, sausages, egg rolls, dumplings... you know) to beef/chicken/pork jerky sampling to freshly baked egg rolls to Portuguese egg tarts to Milky desserts to Pork chop burger (surprisingly good.. tasted like a McChiicken) to sight seeing... we did all we can.
group pic infront of the historic sight

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