ShenZhen Fun: Windows of the World + getting Stuff

Shenzhen has taken me back by surprise. Who knew it had so much more to offer, other than modern day bandits and thugs. We went to Windows of the World, a theme park with landmarks of the world, shows and other fun attractions. Other than photo shoots with the mini Taj Mahal, Egyptian pyramids, and the Eiffel Tower we got a chance to ride two rollar coasters, ride a camel and walk by a ski/snowboarding ramp. I knew I should have packed my snow gear. After easy +3hrs. walk, we topped the day off with blueberry egg tarts at KFC, outside the park entrance. They are the best. Only the 3rd one I’ve had in the mainland. You can never have enough.
Then is was off to shopping with the ladies, Rachel + Mabel. We went to Lao Jie and the ladies walked away empty handed. I on the other had, stocked up on snacks. Cheap Cheap Cheaper than HK. Then off to Lo Wu to find copy handbags. Only in ShenZhen can you walk into a mall and every other stall offers a whole catalog, thicker than your average dictionary, of all name brand hand bags. Pick one out and they go to some mysterious location to fetch it within minutes. Find the perfect bag and start the game of bargaining. they type 400 on a calculator and you press clear and type 100. Always start at a low price. All and all, the ladies are pros at getting the best price.

good day.

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