I did my 25 facts

Write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. I’m easily startled. You can tell when I say “OH SHIT” or “Shat.“ Walking to the MTR and the ads change. OH Shit.

2. I have mild ADD. I sometimes change the topic in midsentence.

3. I have come to enjoy easy walks in HK museums. I use to dread going to museums.. but I now find some.. not all… interesting. Maybe it’s not the museums.. but the spacious personal bubble you get at nice museums. Cuz.. lets face it, in HK.. where else can you find a bigger bubble.

4. I clean cuz I like the fresh smell of cleaning solutions. Cuz if I don’t spray that shit in my dorm.. it stank… and I’m too cheap to buy air freshener.

5. I’ve recently made the conversion to tea. I use to drink a lot of coffee… maybe that’s why I’m so short. (coffee=stunts ur growth I hear). I have a coffee mug of tea every morning.. but I still enjoy my occasional peppermint mocha.

6. I enjoy watching small pets. I have turtles at home. I have goldfish in HK (yes, I went all out: bought fish, tank, decorations, and a pump).

7. When I was growing up.. I would not admit mistakes. So instead of saying I did it or sorry.. I would say..but did u see what he did. But now I use the word Sorry so often that it loses its impact. Sorry.

8. I love gummy bears. Some ppl love chocolates, other love steak.. I like gummy bears. I’m sure I’m not alone. But I have a preference: Haribo, don’t have it in HK.

9. Little things get to me. My first rude experience in HK: I asked a lady at the table next to us, “what is that you are having” and she replied, “why must you ask me. why don’t you ask the waiter.” Hello Miss Bitchy-tude. Grrr. Ruined my night.

10. I don’t like planning my future. I tend to go with the flow. Ask me what I’m planning to do after college: Live…eat… sleep…breath…stay human. Anything more.. I’ll just find out later.

11. I’ve never held a job more than a year. Never fired. My ADD acts up and I decide to switch jobs. Worked at 4 places this past yr.

12. Goes to the GYM when over stressed. Better than stuffing my face… only on happy occasions.

13. Loves going to the Buffet at casinos. Can you tell.

14. I prefer the sketchy hole in the wall restaurants with good $ food. HK has some of the best sketchy places.

15. I am easily distracted by good design. I often times stare at Ads in the MTR. they are so creative. Color printing must be really cheap. The museum we recently visited had wall to wall photoshoped graphics. Heaven.

16. I like watching the news when bored. Reading the paper is a good past time too. I know zZZ. But my ideal morning is with a cup of mint mocha and the news. I like being in the know.

17. I enjoy stimulating conversations about hot politico topics… not screaming matches.

18. Fav. Type tee: “Meat is Murder” (small text: “tasty tasty murder”)… I get cheers from vegetarians.. but little do they know.

19. I don’t like dogs/cats/BIRDS! Anything you have caged. Cage, not in a tank like goldfish or turtles.

20. I can watch MONK all day… and I do when the DVD box sets come out.

21. Ramen is my fav. Kind of noodles.

22. I have short term selective memory. What’s your name again.

23. Jokes are 10x funnier when an old person or baby tells it. Betty White= hilarious. Something about old ppl telling jokes.. just puts a smile on my face.

24. I can relate to whiney old ppl like Andy Rooney.

25. I love mid day naps.