Day 39: 2nd Museum & 2nd Island

Today, our group of exchange students went to Po Toi Island via Stanley Market where I got a chance to visit the Maritime Museum.The museum was small but had lots of interesting Junk boat models as well as models of cargo ships. I paid more for this museum, but there were fewer things to see. Overall I think I got what I paid for… the view around the museum. PS: I still paid less than $2 US to enter the museum.

HK Maritime Museum
infront of HK Maritime Museum
I enjoyed this island more. We actually set foot on a dirt path and climbed boulders to get to the edge/cliff of the island. Well worth the climb. The view atop was remarkable.

Atop Po Toi Island from Thomas on Vimeo.

Day 19: Happy Monday

Monday is officially my fav. school day. Going to school Mon-Thur from 8:30-2:30 sounds easy, but having to sit though the yapity yap can be zzzZZZZ. Thank god there’s my Monday classes. Today’s (Monday) class assignment was to form a group and choose a country to study/present. Next few classes are lectures and the rest of the semester is just one group presentation after anther. What did Doris and I choose? Thailand. One presentation per class, so we still have 8 weeks until we’re up. Until then, all we’re doing is sitting back and listening in. HK, how you have changed my Mondays.

Day 2: Culture Shock begins

The day got started with the breakfast of champions: 6 potstickers at home followed by a bus ride to Maxim (Chinese fast-food) for Congee and soy sauce noodles. Now that’s a breakfast. Lesson learned: Not to eat so much.. there’s always pastries that will tempt you. Doris was craving egg tarts and I couldn’t help but to look… one bakery after another. I’m proud of myself… I resisted.

Day 2: Early Morning from Thomas on Vimeo.

The mission of the day was to greet Jacky, Doris’s friend. We MTA-ed (pub transport) over to the ferry terminal and I saw my first Starbucks and tried ordering peppermint mocha…no such thing. Culture Shock. How can they not have Peppermint mocha? So I asked do you offer mocha. Yes, they offer regular mocha. I couldn’t help but to order one to remind me of the comforts of Home. After we met up Jacky, we had a long awaited lunch. And when I say long awaited.. I’m not talking about the last time we ate.. nor am I talking about the last time Doris saw Jacky. I am talking about the crazy wait for a table at Chew Liu Dim Sum Rest. Everyone local called in for a table. Keep in mind I don’t know how to read Chinese so all these rest names are phonetics and not the actual rest name.  Yummy Dim Sum.. too bad I had such a full Breakfast.Not knowing Chinese, I left the ordering to Jacky. He ordered so many items. I can’t help but eat eat eat. I’m beginning to search for a local gym.
After a really full two meals, we headed over to Victoria Park for the Food Expo. And boy can HK put together an expo. There was a sea of people. If you know me. I no like big crowds rubbing me in every which way. Culture shock 2: to avoid big crowds, do not go to big I just wanted out the whole time I was there. Eeek.Peace
The day ended with a browse through the open produce market. Jacky knows how to cook and on the menu was fish, fish, chicken, vege, and some shroom. The vege was good.
Late night: I found an internet connection. HURRAY!