Day 1: touched down HKG

Doris’s uncle Yip + his family size van greeted us to a personal HK tour…well, whatever was along the way from the airport to our home..pointing out Disney Land (will visit soon), bridges we passed (Ding Ma Dai Queue & Ching Ma Dai Queue), neighborhoods I can’t remember, bus stops that were vaguely marked, and our home with the only handicap ramp I saw in our tour(still in construction). What if you were Handicap… in HK. you’re f-ed. For the next few days, somewhere in New Territories is where we calling home. Doris and I unpacked in minutes and hunger stuck. What to eat… nothing outside our window but trees and hills. Hmm.. what to eat…. my first meal in HK was… drum roll please… Ramen. Yes, I came all the way to HK to try their packaged Ramen. Soon after, Doris’s two Aunts came by to check up on us and to show us how to use every little thing (e.g. the stove and cooking hood). Not knowing that Doris and I were already pros at turning on the stove and boiling water (got to Know how to operate a stove if you want Ramen). Not counting the Ramen…my official first meal was at a Jang (awesome) local Dim Sum rest called Tai Pak Fong. The food and atmosphere was everything I’d imagined HK to be.. and then some. Classy but not over priced and what made it “and then some” was the ocean view. I wish I can show you but I forgot to bring my camera… but Dorothy, Doris’s friend took a photo. Ohh forgot to mention.. At Dim Sum was Doris’s Uncle Yip and his daughter Dorothy and Doris’s two aunts. Dorothy is an extremely nice HK native who goes to UC Davis and was in town for a couple more days. So after lunch, Uncle Yip and Dorothy showed us around HK. Driving from one hood to another..dropping more names of areas I can’t remember for the life of me. We made a few pit stops to enjoy the view atop a mountain, watch people fly air planes, and visit our future University & the mall across the street (Festival Walk Mall). To top things off, we went to a BBQ place alongside Clearwater Bay. The rest provided the outdoor seating, packaged meats and fire pit. We cooked the old fashion way… on a stick.. and let me tell you, chicken breast does not belong on a stick. Nor does squid, duck, beef, or pork chops. So we got a grid to cook over our fire pit. But I still managed to burn our food. Yep… I belong in the Kitchen alright (shakes head)… The night ended after 2+ hours of grilling fun & a car ride where Doris and I nodded our way to sleep.