Time to Fly Thomas

My Hong Kong adventure began with a easy going flight from SFO. My family escorted me to the air port where I met up Doris Yu. We checked in and swiftly passed though the security checks. I was out of SFO so fast, I didn’t even reflect on my last moments in San Francisco. It wasn’t until I was on board the air plane, trying to sleep, that I thought about my SF routine/life. Luckily there was one reminder of my SF roots… Doris. She kept me in good company: playing scrabble, reminding me how many hours/minutes remained until Hong Kong, nudging me about the smell of breakfast, complaining about the fruit, eating the above average air line meals (but nonetheless, reheated crap served by moderately attractive stewardess… this should tell you I am not flying ____(unionized airline)____)).… oh how she kept me in good company.
Not to mention I slept most of the flight… good think I tired myself.

SFO tarmat from Thomas on Vimeo.

Mid Air from Thomas on Vimeo.