A Day in Singapore

With nothing but a round trip ticket to Singapore and Hotel books, we were off for another get-away (from Hong Kong) adventure. The minute we landed in Singapore we were already hot and humid. Thank god for AC.

The MRT ride (mass transit) to our Hotel was fast. Our friends have mentioned our Hotel is nicely situated in the Red Light district (not exactly what you want to hear). Off the Kallang MRT station, I lugged our suite case up and down the streets in search of our hotel. It turns out that our hotel is a chain, all named Hotel 81 and most located in the same district, so locals would point us to every which direction. Lugging a suite case under the scorching heat, now that’s my idea of an ideal vacation.

When we finally settled down, we got down to business. We came to Singapore to explore the taste of new and interesting foods.

First stop: Little India

The area was very quiet with few people roaming the streets. But our craving for roti oiled our drive to find good Indian food. We came across this open air rest. that had a wide spread selection of Indian food. I had the yummy Chicken Marsala with rice and interesting sides. One of them was a tapioca pudding that had lots of spices, didn’t quite fit my pallet.

Next stop: Chinatown

I’ve been to several Chinatowns, in the US and abroad, this reminded me of the Chinatowns in the states. Most of the merchants sold the same old souvenirs I can find in SF’s Chinatown. Nothing noteworthy other than the newly built temple (very vibrant and colorful).

Next stop: Where’s the Merlion?

We got off at the City Hall MRT station and walked through the scenic part of the business district. One building across from a WWII memorial had a UFO like saucer atop its roof. Interesting. The Merlions was a perfect end to our day in Singapore. The waterfront view of the Singapore skyline was amazing.