Day 80: Flower Show

They’re crafty. We had nothing to do, so we wandered Victoria park and viewed interesting flower displays. sounds fun eh. The Flowers were in full bloom at HK flower show. They had moving flower sculptures, like the ones you would see on floats in parades, to promote the HK East Asian Olympic Games. The games are in Dec. so the next group of abroad student would have a chance to enjoy it. sigh.
Wow factor: 3 out of 5
Fun: 2 out of 5
the East Asian Olympic Games

Day 77: World’s Local Festival 09

The guys over at the Exchange Club did an amazing job putting together the World Local Fest. Exchange students in the College of Business got a chance to showcase their home countries. Eric from New York headed the whole US booth. The other booths had cultural games and food…French Crepes…yum. Had a really good time sampling different cultural walking down a supermarket aisle. Local students rated the 3 best booths. USA didn’t turn out bad. We offered students a taste of the American life: burgers and beer pong. Needless to say, we placed in the top 3…capturing third place. Guess who was left to accept the award…. give up. Eric and I, two Asians, were the only Americans to accept the award. LOL. good times.

USA ppls