Taiwan: Day 3

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall: interesting history lesson about Mr. Shek

He look it’s Circle K in Taipei, Taiwan. Service!

CKI in Taiwan. how cool is this.

Herbal Shop: Lick some herbal powder, drink some berry tea and that’s about all I can have. Another sales gimmick.

healing powder. Not to be mistaken by the other healing powder you snort. the herbal shop of the mountain side people.

Hunger: Great tasting lunch. Minced meat over rice + Tofu, best dishes.

Baked Fish look at doris eyeing the food.

Changing of the Guards:  pic-cha time!

The Grand Hotel Taipei: Rub the figure for wealth. Look at  us get our greed on.

look at us. united by the common wish.. for more $$$ cheese. group pic.

Get our fortune: I was told I will have a rough career, will have to work hard to get what I want. Also, I tend to think rationally when buying goods, not to be careless with money. So when she offered me a good luck charm (for $60+ USD), I said.. I can’t buy it now… maybe when I rich.  Just holding my wealth.

Chinese Fortune tellers. eek.

Hot spring / Dinner: OOh how I miss the strong jets and powerful  showers

time to relax group pic. You might not see it.. but there's a mountain side view.

Late night munchies: Swings for seats=cool. price isn’t right=bad. Result: took some pix and left for Starbucks. Almond mocha.. ooh tasty.

swingin' look how big starbucks is. 3 floors big.

Taiwan: Day 2

Day 2:

  1. Museum: lots of Chinese history (like CCIV) and info about ci xi.
  2. Pearls: Calcium boost. We snorted ate white powder, ground up pearls.
  3. Eat: Awesome Korean rest. where we had some really good tofu.
  4. Miniature Museum: Photos Photos Photos of mini dioramas
  5. Pineapple Cakes: Sent a box of delicious pinapple cookies back to SF. They’re butter cookies with a juicy pineapple center.
  6. Dinner: Indoors street food. We tasted foods that are normally found on the streets of big fried chicken, bitter melon juice, and chicken butt(no typo there).

i have a way of attracting the ladies... just say cheese, photo time and they flock to u. YUMMY!

Asians in front of one of a handful of Asian themes. it rained.famous pineapple cookies