Take a Hike

Finally, we got a chance to explore “nature.” By nature I mean, nicely maintained paved paths along hillsides/islands with workers sweeping dirt off the paths. I mean seriously, Nature? But I’ll bite. The nature hike was a little far so we road a ferry to Chung Chow island. The minute we landed, we exited the ferry terminal and entered nature (aka the Mc Donalds infront of the ferry gates).

But we had a great time hiking up the cement road. We were a bit disappointed that Nature didn’t come with an escalator.

Our reward for hiking up the hill:

Churn Chow Island from Thomas on Vimeo.

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  1. Denise says:

    I remember eating McD and then going hiking at the top of tsim sha zui. and then walking back to McD and shopping center less than half way through. LOL


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